Nectarine Harvest Calendar in the United States

United States nectarine harvest calendar

The harvest season for nectarines in the United States ranges from May to September. The harvest for the Polar Kist, Polar Light, Polar Magic, Spring Fire, Zee Fire, and Royal Ruby are conducted in May and thervest for the Arctic Star, Red Ryan, and Honey Spring is from May to June. In June, the harvest for the Arctic Sweet, Pearl Time, Polar Gem, Polar Zee, Honey Blaze, Big Haven, Honey Lite, Honey Fire, and Honey Kist is conducted with the Honeylicious variety harvested from June to July.

July is the harvest season for the Arctic Belle, Arctic Jay, Arctic Queen, Arctic Rose, Polar Snow, Spice Zee, Honey Royale, Fantasia, and August Moon varieties with the harvest for the Polar Snow and Fantasia nectarines continuing until July. After that, the Arctic Blaze, Arctic Pride, Arctic Snow, Honey Gem, Honey Diva, and Autumn Blaze is conducted in August, with the Autumn Blaze harvest continuing until September. Lastly, the Arctic Mist nectarines are harvested in September. The US is the 4th largest exporter of nectarines and peaches, exporting at a combined yearly value of USD 131.6 million in 2019.

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